Our Story

We are a Southern California Hockey family that over the years, like all of you, have spent an enormous amount of money on Hockey Equipment. Often our goalie son would outgrow his hockey gear within just 1 season. Then there was always the trial and error equipment that just sat there until we had the patience to try our luck offloading it online. Or folks who had kids who wanted to "try" out the sport that ended up costing them hundreds of dollars on gear just to find out that hockey wasn't for them. All of us have spent countless hours online trying to find used equipment, only to be out of luck. Well now there is a better way. Hockeylane.com was born out of the need to find a more efficient way of saving money and having a easy way to offload and buy equipment. Our hope is that hockeylane.com becomes your go-to site to buy and sell your hockey gear in the most cost saving, efficient way possible.

— M & R
Founders – Hockey Lane LLC